You may be wondering what a power washer company actually does. They can perform many cleaning opportunities and each company takes on its own list of services. Power washer services can be both residential and commercial. Some cleaning companies even offer industrial type power washing services. For residential power washing services can range from house and roof washing to concrete and deck cleaning. The same power washer services can be applied to commercial projects as well. With the exception of house washing, which would be marketed more like building washing for apartment complexes, store fronts, and so on.

Commercial concrete cleaning aka flatwork is a very common commercial service. Entrance concrete in front of stores, gas station concrete around the gas pumps, bank drive-thrus, fast food drive-thrus, and dumptser pads all need to be cleaned on a regular basis for optimal appearance. Gum removal is a popular add-on service that is umbrellaed under flatwork as well. This requires very high pressure and hot water to remove the gum spots left behind on concrete from people spitting their gum out just before walking into a store.

Some power washer companies offer many services and will offer to wash anything and everything while other companies may opt to specialize in just a few services. You would be amazed at the amount of things people request to be cleaned like chicken coops, farm equipment, semi trucks, factory floors, and city water towers just to name a few. Many of the services provided take skill and experience to complete. Even with simple residential cleaning services like house and deck washing, there is a right and wrong way to do it.

Many people believe that just blasting things with high pressure is good enough. With professional power washer services it isn’t quite that simple. The right pressure is important as well as using the proper chemicals and detergents. A lot of damage can be done to surfaces like roofs, vinyl siding, window screens, window seals, and landscaping. Blasting some dirt off your porch with a small pressure washer is one thing but when it comes to a professional power washer company washing your entire home’s exterior or driveway a lot more goes into it then most realize.

Due to the expertise involved power washer services can cost several hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars depending on what is being power washed. The hope is that the service is of high quality and brings a lot of value to the buyer. It should if the power washer company is reputable and knows what they’re doing. Having these services performed will surely increase your property’s curb appeal and thus raise its value. After all, curb appeal is everything. In a sense, professional power washing is one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to property and home improvements.