Keeping the home’s exterior can take some effort, and use up a lot of your time. Exposure to the elements can leave the house and the property looking dirty. With a power washer, you can deal with this problem quickly. However, you should know there parts of the home where it can be used.

  1. The roof. As the home’s main contact with the elements, the roof quickly builds up debris. Windblown dirt and leaves can eventually become a problem. If it leads to algae growth, it will shorten the life of the shingles and the roof. Keeping the roof clean using the power washer is a good way to maintain it. Avoid setting the pressure too high, as it can cause damage to some types of shingles.
  2. The deck. Deck maintenance is one of the main reasons why people buy power washers. Dirt builds up on decks from foot traffic and exposure to the elements. When it is time to apply a new stain, it is necessary to prepare the surface first. Use the power washer to get rid of dirt and built up grime, and the old stain. If this is not properly done, the new stain will not adhere to the wood surface properly, and this could lead to damage.
  3. The driveway is often a neglected area, but this should not be the case as it builds up dirt quickly. Most people resort to regular sweeping to keep it clean, but this is not enough. Dirt can end up in the joints and this can undermine the paved surface. Dirty driveways often have weeds, which can detract from your curb appeal. Power washing the driveway will help to care for it a minimize the need for repairs.
  4. Experts recommend power washing the siding annular to maintain its appearance. This may be done more often depending on conditions where you live. Siding can get very dirty, and this in turn will make your home look dirty. Get some advice on the right pressure to use for the siding. Aluminum, vinyl and brick siding can be cleaned using a pressure washer.

A power washer is a good tool for maintaining your property’s appearance. It can also be used to clean you fence, but be careful not to hit flowers or small plants nearby. It is important to note that the pressure has to be adjusted for some tasks, so check this before you start to clean.